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Bomb Shot: Feeling is emotion, it's not really happening?

Like if you're getting bored, it's not happening in real life.

So the bad feeling is not the real thing that happening.

You're free to know that, it's the feeling, not the real thing.

It's the feeling, cannot hurt you in real life.

Daxank: Actually extreme feelings can hurt you.

Like a real heartbreak can happen.

Or actually being scared to death.

Bomb Shot: It's the mix of your imagination in your head.

Either you're feeling, it's not really happening.

The feeling is in your mind, not the physical that can hurt you in real life.

If you know it clearly, you can control it easily.

Bomb Shot: The feeling is not like the pain in physical body.

linis: Everything is happening, your emotions are included, regardless of what you're feeling OP.

Bomb Shot: Feeling is mind made from chemical in your head, it's not physical reality.

You'll know sadness is a waste of time, it's not importance.

You're free to choose any feeling that you like.

Except you like the bad feeling.

Munin: This is delusional and inane...

White Knight: Is this the stuff they're teaching in schools right now?....

... no wonder the world is in the state it's in.

Bomb Shot: Your brain think, your mind feel, it's not creating anything out.

Cybermancer: Yeah i'll go tell my buddy who saw his friend get his brains blown out him feeling sad is optional and isn't real, he can just choose to be happy

Bomb Shot: I used to be depress myself.

But one day, I've realized that.

It's just in my head, I'm still being fine.

Xor fo xob: I have no steam emoticons to convey my level of what the F is this

Bomb Shot: Called emotional intelligence.

If a doctor tell you bad news, you can still being happy.

In your mind and reality are not the same.

Xor fo xob: so they dont exist?

Bomb Shot: It exists when you think about something.

But in present, it may not happen.

Xor fo xob: so, shrigma is a feeling, does it exist?

Bomb Shot: I can be emotional but being reasonable at the same time.

Cybermancer: I have BPD, I am fully aware someone sighing once.

Shouldn't make me have a near psychotic breakdown.

It does anyway. Even when it's happening, I know it's stupid but I can't control it. How does that work Mr. Smart man?

Bomb Shot: Consult with your phycologist, can be imbalance of chemical in the brain.

I used to be one, after that you can train your mind.

So you can control your mind easier.

Cybermancer: Nope, that's not what is. Sorry, you're wrong.

Bomb Shot: You can take pills from psychologist to balance it, is it right?

I'm taking them for years and feeling happier.

White Knight: The scary part is... OP might not be trolling... but actually believe it.

Bomb Shot: Is it the truth or the fact?

Feeling and reality, are they the same?

How can you be happy in bad situation?

saranacX: So feelings are real enough to where you need meds to control them.

Bomb Shot: They're real but after that.

You can be emotional intelligence.

To balance your self and not back to the loop.

White Knight: Is it the truth or the fact?

- No, it's not either...

Feeling and reality, are they the same?

- No, that's why there are "irrational fears" such as

Xanthophobia the fear of the color Yellow

How can you be happy in bad situation?

-That would be psychosis.... people feel bad in a bad situation... if you feel happy there is something wrong with you.

Bomb Shot: It's not about to feel good with phobia or getting hurt.

In situation like, if you're getting poor or lost a leg.

How can you be emotional intelligence to feel better in your present.

Cybermancer: No, you can't. There is no drug for BPD. You either live with it forever or it goes away on it's own.

Bomb Shot: I used to be scare without reason and need to sleep with my friend.

About two or three times but they go away after sleep to the morning.

Is it similar, I used to not sleep over night and cause me to fear.

I sleep early now, if it help, try not to skip your bed time.

The IRS: you can say alot while meaning so little

Bomb Shot: The thread is not to reduce but try to cut off any bad feeling.

To prevent them to form in as depresstion and anxiety.

Miss Ann Thrope: Whatever helps you cope, OP.

Venom Snake: Of course feelings and emotions are real thing.

They're merely untangle, they still effect you both physical and mentally.

Bomb Shot: They're real, my method is not to reduce but prevent them to get in your thoughts.

The easy way is to know that.

Feeling cannot hurt you physically.

So it's pointless to have bad feelings.

UwU King: Op are you real?

Walach: Isn't everything happening inside your mind?

Aren't emmotions like 99-100% of ones life? 😛

Bomb Shot: You can think through your action.

Your eyes watch anything.

The most source of entertainment through them.

No eyes, you cannot have fun of most things.

Value them at all cost.

Snake Fist: Wow op what a total mind F.

Xor fo xob: yeah man wow

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